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Milev Architects is a design-oriented firm based in New York City. The practice is diverse and composed of variety of national and international projects. That includes office, commercial and residential

spaces, which has been built in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, London, UK ...etc.  Other buildings designed by the firm include hotels, libraries, exhibitions, performance centers

and urban housing development. Through a combination of our collaborative approach and our extensive experience, the firm provides innovative design within the context of economics,

schedule and approval constrains. This working methodology gives the clients a superior product that achieves success on both: design and technical level.

Vesselin Milev founded Milev Architects in 2001 and since then he has been involved in all aspects and phases of the design process: from programing and test fits to construction administration,

leading the design team and providing hands-on design solutions. He has the ability to operate in both: the world of design and the world of technical development and execution,

translate between, and blend these activities to develop creative design solutions. Vesselin Milev has been published internationally.  He has lectured and has been teaching

several architectural and urban design studios since 2011.


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